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Welcome to the Waitakere Ranges Protection Society Web Page - waitakereranges.org.nz


The Waitakere Ranges are a very special part of New Zealand.
The aim of the Protection Society is to conserve their natural values.

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Where are the Waitakere Ranges?

The Waitakere Ranges Protection Society is saddened by the recent passing of Emeritus Professor John Morton. His contribution to New Zealand science and specifically to our knowledge of the Waitakere coast marine zoology is unsurpassed.

A patron of the Society (together with Dr. Lucy Cranwell-Smith) since its formation in 1973, Professor Morton was a pivotal influence in the protection and conservation of the Waitakere Ranges. As the marine life on the rocky coastline came under threat in the 1990's from human predation and natural events, his support was very important in getting protection of shellfish at Karekare and Piha.

He was an inspirational teacher, and many people who were fortunate to accompany him on field trips will remember his enthusiasm as he shared his extensive knowledge and deep respect for the environment.

The Society are honoured to have had his support for the past 38 years, and wish to pass our condolences on to his family, friends and colleagues.

John Edgar ONZM
The Waitakere Ranges Protection Society Inc

  About the Waitakere Ranges Protection Society

The Society is a community based organisation with a membership of over 600 individuals and families. It is an incorporated society.
It has been in existence since 1973 and in that time has campaigned for the preservation and restoration of the Ranges through direct action in restoration planting, weed control, through interventions on both planning matters and on public works which threatened the integrity of the area.

Our Patrons are Emeritus Professor John Morton QSO, MSc NZ, PhD DSc, Lond., FRSNZ, HonFLS (Zoology, The University of Auckland), Emeritus Professor Richard Bellamy CNZM, BSc NZ, MSc PhD, FRSNZ (Biological Sciences, & former Dean of Science, The University of Auckland) and the Rt. Hon Jonathan Hunt ONZ Former NZ High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

  What we have achieved

Initiated and assisted with major additions to Waitakere parkland, such as the Pae O Te Rangi, Pauroa and Lake Wainamu reserves.

Defended large areas of bushland from subdivision.

Prevented three rubbish dumps in the Ranges.

Helped with the restoration of the Historic Winchelsea House at Karekare.

Commissioned numerous ecological studies of the Ranges.

Obtained a high level of protection for the Ranges through improved zoning.

Full List of Achievements 1973-2002 (ms-word format)


   Society Objectives

The Auckland region derives much of its unique character from the magnificent forest-clad ranges to the west - the Waitakere Ranges. This expansive area of native forest has been occupied for more than a thousand years. The impact of people has been greatest in the last one hundred and fifty years when the kauri giants were felled.

Today the Ranges are recovering. Much of the land has been protected and is regenerating. However forest recovery is now severely jeopardised by weeds and pests which kill mature bush and prevent regrowth.
On privately owned land, continuing subdivision and bush clearance not only damage the immediate environment but also place the larger region at risk of further degradation both visually and ecologically.
The Waitakere Ranges has a significant coastline, nature at its most powerful and poignant, but is stressed though the increasing number of visitors, intensive recreation, and excessive fishing and shellfish gathering.
The Te Henga wetland is the region's most important swamp, a vital habitat for fifteen species of native birds. Yet here too land clearance and weed invasion insidiously threaten its ecological viability.

The cumulative effect of all this is irreparable damage to the region's outstanding natural landscape. Continuing vigilance is needed to protect the Ranges from such an outcome.

The authorities which administer the Waitakere Ranges and West Coast are all required to prepare management plans.
These plans collectively determine the future of the Ranges.
It is vital that clear and compelling submissions are presented to all of these plans. Where necessary, these are followed through with appeals. This requires a huge volunteer effort and funding. Conservation is achieved only after a great deal of hard, persistent effort - which is where the Waitakere Ranges Protection Society comes in.

 The Society's fundamental goals are:

To protect Auckland's western forest and coastline from degradation and to promote its conservation.

To enhance environmental values and restore disturbed areas to ecological health.

To see the region managed and nurtured by a unified and consistent philosophy of protection.

To provide an unequivocal voice speaking for this area of exceptional natural heritage.

The Ranges are a place of high value, for its ecosystems, for the beauty of its rugged landscape, its ocean and harbour shore and for its native plant and animal life. 
It is important that places like this are protected for their own sake and also for their value to people. 
We have a duty, to think about the generations yet to come as well. We owe them an inheritance that is not debased and ruined because of short-term thinking and inappropriate development.




The Society is leading the fight against the present Waitakere City Council's slackening of constraints on subdivision in the Ranges.

The Society is a proponent of a special planning status for the Waitakere Ranges - as a Heritage Area. For more about this see our News Page

Presenting submissions to statutory plans.

Identifying land worthy of public ownership and lobbying for its addition as parkland.

Developing strategies to combat invasive weeds and pests.

Tree planting and weed control working bees.

Organising informative walks, talks and publications including a newsletter for members.

Initiating legal action when necessary.

  Where are the Waitakere Ranges?

The Ranges are in New Zealand's North Island and are west of Auckland, mostly  within the boundaries of Waitakere City. (The northern foothills extend into Rodney District Council).


Visitor information , Arataki



  Contact Us

Waitakere Ranges Protection Society,
PO Box 15668, New Lynn 

President John Edgar
PH/FX   +64-9-8128555

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