Current Projects

The Waitakere Ranges Protection Society Oral History Project

The Waitakere Ranges Protection Society has supported the Oral History Project since 2004. The purpose of this interview project is to record the early history of the Society from the founding members points of view; their memories of how it started, who was involved and what happened. These interviews are a precious record of the early days of the Society, how it developed, the issues and the story of the early campaigns.

Arial shot, of housing near the Ranges

Arial shot, of housing near the Ranges

Robyn Mason undertook the first interview in 2004. In 2007 and for the following two years Carole Shone took over the oral history project interviewing ten founding members. Since 2011 Anna Fomison has been managing the project.

This project is made possible by the generous funding of the Waitakere City Council (now Auckland Council), the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board and the Waitakere Ranges Local Board.

The interviews are recorded on a Fostex digital recorder and written transcripts and abstracts are produced. The original recordings and transcripts and abstracts have been lodged with both the Alexander Turnbull Library and the Auckland Council Library (West Auckland Research Centre).


Interviewer: Robyn Mason
Interviewees: Dick Bellamy
Interviewer: Carole Shone
Colleen Pilcher, Don Binney, Juliet Batten, Jessica Beever, Gary Taylor, Jeff Scholes, Mary Woodward, John Lewis, Dave McKay, Tony Randerson.

Interviewer: Anna Fomison
Interviewees: Dave and Barbara Harre, John Staniland, Geoff Davidson, Bob Ussher, Jack Colmar, Lynne Pillay, Denis C Hamblin, Arnold Turner, Stanley Palmer, Bruce Hayward, Paul Walbran, Dorothy Wilson.

To contact the Oral History project email Anna Fomison

The Waitakere Ranges Protection Society Heritage Area Coordinator

In 2007 the Society created a new role The Heritage Area Coordinator.

Monitoring tree health

Monitoring tree health

This part-time role involves advocating the Society’s position regarding the requirements of the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act (WRHA). It involves consulting Auckland Council staff and/or councillors to clarify issues relating to the implementation of the WRHA, as well as monitoring implications that broader policies may potentially have on the Ranges landscape and ecology The aim is to measure and evaluate the success of the WRHA against its goals.

The role requires drafting written submissions on the District Plan and Auckland Council’s management plans and on resource consent applications.

The current Heritage Area Coordinator is Christine Rose. To contact her email Christine Rose

Christine Rose

has been a lifelong environmental advocate, and with a rural upbringing, has been taking action for animals and nature from an early age. She has lived on the northern flanks of the Waitakere Ranges foothills for most of her life, and agrees the Ranges are a taonga for us all, but a treasure that should be handed on intact – te tuku iho, and we should as much as possible, leave the land undisturbed – toitu te whenua.

Christine has a political background, with 15 years in local and regional government. She has been Deputy Mayor of Rodney District Council, Deputy Chair of the Auckland Regional Council, and Chair of the Auckland Regional Council’s Transport and Urban Development Committee, and the Regional Transport Committee.

She was Deputy Chair of the ARC’s parks and Heritage Committee. She graduated from the University of Auckland with First Class Honours in Political Science, with a double major in Philosophy, and has other environmental qualifications. She says we need to develop a sound ethical and empathetic relationship with nature to live morally and sustainably with each other and Mother Earth.

Christine is an environmental and political activist with particular passion for marine conservation, sustainability, the arts and public transport. She puts her beliefs into practice through campaigning, education, community development, awareness raising and living a sustainable lifestyle. She is also a writer on environmental and political issues.

Christine supports environmental education, believing people who know about their local ecosystems are more inclined to care for them, and she strongly recognises the value of art in achieving environmental ends. Christine believes the state of our marine environment is our greatest contemporary issue. She’s been a campaigner for our local Maui’s dolphins for about 15 years. In that time, the dolphins have received gradually more protection, though “it’s not enough. Maui’s can’t sustain more human induced mortality if the species is to survive’. ‘Our work to save Maui’s is not done’.

In her spare time, Christine tramps, camps, kayaks and cycles, and is an artist and aspiring musician. She aims to walk every one of the 260km of tracks in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, and has about 30km of tracks to go before achieving that goal.

(09) 818 7447